ariasong02 (ariasong02) wrote in 1stbaptist_pray,

Big Praise

Hello all-
I have a big PRAISE to share-
This Thanksgiving, my mom and dad went to Myrtle Beach in SC to spend time with my Uncle Stan and Aunt Diane. To be honest, even though we spent Sunday together, I wasn't real happy with not having a place to go on Thanksgiving Day. Well~we, Piper and I, decided to go to the beach. It was a beautiful day, we played in the water, collected sea shells, and just plain had a good time. Afterwards, we came home and I made our Thanksgiving dinner. It was such a good day~I'm glad that we spent it the way we did. God is so good, He knew that spending the day just the two of us would be wonderful and bless my heart so much~Thank you Jesus!!!
I hope that everyone remembered to thank God for all the many blessings in our lives!!!
God Bless You!!!

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