ariasong02 (ariasong02) wrote in 1stbaptist_pray,

Prayer for family health

I just found out yesterday that my Uncle Hershel has Prostate Cancer. It was found early-thank the Lord-but this is what my grandfather died from. We do have a history of cancer in our family. We also just found out that we have a "genetic" condition in the family-my Uncle Hershel was also recently told that he has polycystic kidney's-He has cysts in his kidney's that are soft and not harmful unless they turn hard, and then they are cancer-and there's not much that can be done other than dialysis(sp?), and he said that he wont do that. I have polycystic overies-not sure if there is a connection, but me and Piper are going to have a renal ultrasound to see if we have any cysts in our kidney's, as Uncle Hershel's Dr said to tell his family to get checked. Please keep this in your prayers-and thank you so much!!!
God Bless you all,

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